The Road To The Future : An Electric Pioneer and his Magnificent Battery Cars

ISBN: 9780473553906

Author: Viv Walker    Publisher: Swirld Books

In 1898, New Zealand's first motor car rumbled onto a bustling Wellington street. The age of the car had arrived. It's twenty years later in Christchurch, and another revolutionary vehicle quietly makes its entrance ... meet New Zealand's first electric truck! Delivery man Mr O'Hare bets a hot pie that his petrol­engine truck can beat Mr Harris's electric vehicle. Who will win the race? The Road to the future is based on the true story of New Zealander Ambrose Reeves Harris, who more than a hundred years ago, imported the country's largest fleet of electric vehicles. His clever little truck set us off on a journey to the future - batteries included!

Bind: paperback

Pages: 36

Dimensions: 232 x 240 mm

Publication Date: 30-07-2021

Availability Date: 30-07-2021

Tags: April 2021   Childrens (All)   Childrens (Illustrated)   Childrens (Picture flats)   History   Transport   New Zealand

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