ISBN: 9780764360343

Author: Dominique Ehrhard    Publisher: Schiffer Books

Architecture and culture combine for a truly unique building experience! A complete kit guides you through building infinite "archipop" buildings representing pop culture's influence on how the world is constructed around us. Inspired by artist Hundertwasser, this box has 10 cardboard sheets containing more than 85 pieces to detach and assemble. Complete with a booklet presenting 16 original models to reproduce easily with the help of step-by-step directions and unlimited possibilities to create freely with the use of your imagination!

Bind: stationery

Pages: 16

Dimensions: 222 x 279 mm

Publication Date: 20-10-2020

Availability Date: 20-12-2020

Tags: Autumn Gift Fair 2021 - Children's Books   Spring Gift Fair 2021 : Childrens Books   Childrens (All)   Craft & Hobbies

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