A Young Man's Antarctic Discovery

ISBN: 9780473644178

Author: Maureen Lee   

Diary of New Zealander Clarence Hare on Captain Scott's First Expedition 1901. A likeable young Christchurch man talks his way into joining Robert Falcon Scott's Discovery expedition to remote Antarctica. Also on board as the ship departs New Zealand: 46 men, 25 dogs, 3 cats and 50 sheep. Clarence (Clarry) Hare's diary, now being published for the first time, records life on a small wooden ship in sub-zero temperatures without modern comforts, and includes a thrilling account of being lost in a blizzard for 46 hours.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 173

Publication Date: 27-09-2022

Availability Date: 27-09-2022

Tags: October 2022   History   Travel   Biography

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