60 - The Birthday Trivia Game

ISBN: 9781787835504

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

Includes: 150 trivia cards, plus one How to Play card In the 1975 blockbuster film Jaws, who said "You're gonna need a bigger boat"? How long did the Hundred Years' War between England and France last? Which fishy hair style was big in the 1970s? This trivia game, perfect for giving to a friend or family member on their sixtieth birthday, is packed with questions ranging from the totally random to things that happened in their formative years. It will bring extra fun to the birthday celebrations as you take a trip down memory lane together.

Bind: stationery

Pages: 150

Dimensions: 88 x 135 mm

Publication Date: 13-08-2020

Availability Date: 31-10-2020

Tags: Autumn Gift Fair 2021 - Gift / Humour / Inspiration   Spring Gift Fair 2021 : Small Gift Books   Humour & Gift

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