ISBN: 9781921586910

Author: Justin Fleming    Publisher: Phoenix Education

Although Shellshock is a play about war, about both sides of a battle which took place in Turkey 100 years ago, it is not a play that focuses on the battlefield itself with all the sounds and fury of war. Instead, it is a story told in an unexpected way, with characters you might not usually find in a war story….

When a mysterious visitor arrives from Turkey in 2015, young Tom Lindsay, his widowed father, Jack, and grandmother, June, all become embroiled in a drama which had its extraordinary origins at Gallipoli a hundred years before. Justin Fleming's exciting new play is for all people of all ages. It is a gripping story which, by gradual and intriguing revelations, takes us on a thrilling journey to the powerful heart of humanity.

Bind: paperback

Publication Date: 18-07-2014

Availability Date: 18-07-2014

Tags: August 2014   Education

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