Arrival of Eagles

ISBN: 9781909808126

Author: Andy Saunders    Publisher: Grub Street

During World War Two a great many Luftwaffe aircraft arrived on the ground in the UK or its coastal waters, but, as with Rudolf Hess, not all of them through 'conventional' combat circumstances. Some had got lost, others were brought by defectors; some were lured through electronic countermeasures by the RAF, others brought down in unusual combat circumstances. All manner of types appeared - He111, Go145, Me110, Ju88, Me109 F and G, FW 190, Do 217 - and all were of great interest to the RAF. In some cases aircraft were repaired and test flown, betraying vital and invaluable information. Distinguished author Andy Saunders examines a selection of such fascinating cases and draws upon his own research, interviews, official reports and eye-witness accounts to bring alive these truly unusual accounts, all richly illustrated with contemporary photographs.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 192

Publication Date: 18-07-2014

Availability Date: 19-09-2014

Tags: July 2014   Military

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