Until The End : Notes From A Small Life

ISBN: 9780473528812

Author: Mike Riddell    Publisher: Holy Bucket Productions

"My life is like so much smoke drifting on the horizon. It shifts in the breeze, dissipates, and is gone. Was it caused by any glowing embers that once burned? I might well think so, but I might equally be misled by the terror of insignificance. I don’t pretend that my existence has altered the flow of human history, or even rippled the surface of events. It’s as small as any other life that hasn’t been boosted by fame or notoriety. But our small lives still have some meaning, even if only to those who love us. We owe it to them to whisper our words. Small lives have value. Our small ambitions, regrets, dishonesties, accomplishments, disappointments, friendships, jealousies, commitments – none of them are empty of meaning." Memoir of New Zealand author, filmmaker, playwright, and social activist Mike Riddell. Born in humble surroundings, Riddell recounts his adventures including becoming a minister of religion, a university lecturer, a social activist, and a full-time writer.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 349

Dimensions: 152 x 229 mm

Publication Date: 20-12-2020

Availability Date: 01-03-2021

Tags: March 2021   Biography   New Zealand

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