The Mission: The Taxpayers Union at 10

ISBN: 9780473695453

Author: David Cohen    Publisher: New Zealand Taxpayers Union Incorporated

In 2013, a couple of political troublemakers called David Farrar and Jordan Williams created what they called the New Zealand Taxpayers' Union. The country had never had anything quite like it. Taking a cue from similar advocacy groups abroad, the new group set itself against unaccountable government spending, fiscal wastefulness, and unnecessary tax. They have since been joined in their quest by 200,000 Kiwi well-wishers along with an absolute pig of a mascot called Porky the Waste Hater. And they've just celebrated their 10th birthday. The Mission tells the story of what happened in the words of the founders, staffers, and key board members. The work takes stock of what has been achieved and casts an eye forward to what's in store for the next decade.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 124

Dimensions: 180 x 240 mm

Availability Date: 01-02-2024

Tags: New Release   March 2024   Business   New Zealand

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