Sustainable Architecture

ISBN: 9788416504206

Author: The Plan    Publisher: Promo Press

From the most cutting-edge studios around the world, Sustainable Architecture is a superb showcase of some of the sustainable architectural creations that have set the pace in this field at the beginning of the 21th century. Featuring an extensive collection of full-color photographs, we enjoy and appreciate the complexity and tremendous impact that green building has in modern societies. THE PLAN is one of the most acclaimed architecture and design magazines on the market. A real working tool thanks to its in depth going texts and professional photographs, the many architect’s drawings, plans and elevations and its strongly international approach, it has a wide readership in the architecture world including architects, designers, building and real estate professionals as well as university lecturers and students. THE PLAN is published bimonthly and distributed in more than 70 countries.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 240

Dimensions: 240 x 300 mm

Publication Date: 24-11-2017

Availability Date: 31-01-2018

Tags: January / February 2018   Architecture & Design

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