Stop Think Engage

ISBN: 9780473409623

Author: Dr Anna Martin    Publisher: Child's Voice Press

Provides parents with two new discipline methods that work based on the latest research and real life clinical experience. Presented in a humorous and engaging manner which makes it easy for parents to absorb plus the use of cartoons help emphasise key points. The new discipline methods are presented in an easy to understand step-by-step format, with limited jargon. Written by an experienced clinical practitioner, who researched discipline and the parent/child relationship for her Masters and PhD theses. The discipline methods can be used on children of all ages. Based on more than 10 years at the coal face, child, adolescent and adult therapist and researcher Dr Anna Martin brings us Stop, Think, Engage, a humorous and informative book that pulls together her own professional experience, her PhD research and numerous national and international studies. Parenting is challenging and is probably one of the most important jobs to undertake, yet parents have very little training and often need to learn as they go. They often question if what they are doing is right and helpful for their children’s development. Stop, Think, Engage provides parents with evidenced-based discipline methods using step-by-step guidelines and emphasising key points in a humorous way. They will learn how to identify ways to communicate effectively with their children and make changes that work! Parents suggest that there is a lot of conflicting information, this book provides them with an all-in-one parenting tool to help them understand why and what to change in their discipline approach. Dr Anna Martin is a child, adolescent and adult therapist who also works with families. Anna was awarded her PhD from the University of Auckland and her Master of Counselling from Massey University. Her PhD thesis involved undertaking research that explored the discipline process and the parent/child relationship. Anna also investigated some of the mainstream discipline methods widely used by parents. Anna found that the methods often did not provide the parent with the necessary tools to achieve a productive discipline event outcome, or support the parent-child relationship. Anna developed two new discipline methods (Awareness Discipline Method and the Reflective Discipline Method), based on the ‘Stop, Think, Engage’ format to encourage a new discipline paradigm. These methods support the bond between the parent and child and help work towards a productive discipline event outcome. Stop, Think, Engage brings Anna’s research, professional experience and the international research together in one easy reference book.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 156

Dimensions: 160 x 240 mm

Publication Date: 06-11-2017

Availability Date: 06-11-2017

Tags: October 2017   Health & Wellbeing   Reference

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