Soils of the Edendale District

ISBN: 9780478093001

Author: Peter McIntosh    Publisher: Manaaki Whenua Press

Although the Edendale district of Southland has a large area of high class soils, up until now the detailed soil distribution has never been mapped. Recently, an increase in dairy farming in the district, legislative change regarding effluent disposal, and opportunities for horticultural diversification have created a requirement for better knowledge of the soils in the area.

This booklet and map are the results of a new survey completed in 1994. They provide more information on soil permeability, drainage, and moisture storage, to enable analysis of potential contaminant problems, and to assist sustainable management of the land in the district.

Detailed information on soil profiles mentioned in the text is provided in an Appendix, along with a 1:50,000 colour soil map of the area, detailing roads and waterways.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 36

Publication Date: 10-02-2014

Availability Date: 10-02-2014

Tags: New Zealand   Science & Nature

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