Self-Sufficiency: Cheese Making

ISBN: 9781504800334

Author: Rita Ash    Publisher: IMM Lifestyle

This book will appeal to anyone with a love of cheese. The text covers every aspect of making cheese at home, from the tools and equipment needed and basic recipes to making more complex cheeses and advice on setting up a small cheese business. You do not need to be scientifically trained to make cheese, nor do you need to be an accomplished cook or possess expensive specialist equipment.Here Rita Ash shows just how simple the process is and how, with a little care and attention, anyone can produce delicious hand-made cheeses at home. Each of the recipes are clearly explained and include suggested uses for each of the finished cheeses. As no prior knowledge is assumed, the book is suitable for beginners and more experienced cheese makers alike.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 128

Dimensions: 208 x 147 mm

Publication Date: 20-04-2016

Availability Date: 30-07-2016

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