Ivan Mauger : The Will To Win Autobiography

ISBN: 9780955237690

Author: Ivan Mauger    Publisher: Nationwide Books

The autobiography of New Zealand's speedway hero. Few New Zealander's have achieved so much and dominated on a global stage as Ivan Mauger, six times the world speedway champion. Decorated with the OBE and MBE and twice Sportsman of the Year, he never did anything by halves during his stellar career. No modern racer has surpassed his record of success which includes nine other world championship gold medals - in teams, world pairs and long track. Ivan Mauger : The Will To Win, the autobiography, recounts the story of how he and his teenage bride set sail for England in 1957 with no more than a pocketful of dreams between them. After overcoming struggles in the beginning, Ivan spent the best part of two decades rewriting the history books. Ivan was the first speedway racer to win three world titles in succession, he is acclaimed in more than 30 countries and stayed involved in the sport even in retirement.

Pages: 448

Publication Date: 01-08-2011

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