Hannah Frey's Clean Eating

ISBN: 9783848008667

Author: Hannah Frey    Publisher: h f Ullmann

Make your body feel happy! This book will change the relationship you have with food and lead you to find the right balance your body needs. The clean eating concept comprises what is actually common sense strategy: eating healthy by cooking with fresh ingredients and renouncing industrially manufactured foods. This diet will not leave you to a constant feeling of fatigue, frustration, or deprivation like many other diets - - it will help you achieve long-term wellbeing while gaining more energy and a healthful lifestyle. This practical guide to the new concept of clean eating contains much useful background information on the way we process food. It comes with many mouthwatering and beautifully illustrated recipes and preparation techniques for healthy and wholesome dishes. A book for food-conscious gourmets.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 168

Dimensions: 190 x 245 mm

Tags: May 2018   April 2020   Cooking, Food & Drink   Health & Wellbeing   Home & Garden

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