Graphic Digits

ISBN: 9789881222886

Author: Victionary    Publisher: Gingko Press

Our days are numbered... so are our currencies, streets and the pages of our books. Numbers are used to mark the passage of time, denote value and record location. There is very little they are not involved in, but perhaps it is time for a makeover– a re-envisioning not of what they express, but how they are expressed. Bold, simple and always iconic, they provide the perfect forms for experimentation. A designers dream canvas, the possible variations of color, form and pattern are endless. From the minimally embellished to the highly stylized, Graphic Digits showcases original designs that breathe life into numbers. Includes calendar, packaging and promotion design, fashion, signage and brand identities.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 240

Dimensions: 190 x 247 mm

Publication Date: 27-06-2014

Availability Date: 29-08-2014

Tags: June 2014   Arts & Photography

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