Culinaria Italy

ISBN: 9783848008193

Author: Claudia Piras    Publisher: h f Ullmann

How does the blue mold get into Gorgonzola? Where did ice cream come from, in the days before refrigerators? What is there to tell about the wine of Piedmont? How are tomato preserves made? How does one recognize a genuine balsamic vinegar? What are the marks of quality that help to distinguish genuine products from imitations? What food was eaten in ancient Rome which specialties were served at court during the Middle Ages, and what culinary innovations accompanied the Renaissance? Culinaria Italy takes a look behind the scenes and answers these and many other questions of interest to lovers of Italian Cuisine.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 380

Dimensions: 216 x 253 mm

Availability Date: 01-06-2016

Tags: July 2016   Cooking, Food & Drink   Home & Garden

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