Cliff Porter Captain of the 1924 Invincibles 100 Years On

ISBN: 9781991164742

Author: Ian St George   

In 2024 it will be a century since the greatest rugby side to leave our shores departed New Zealand for the UK. Clifford Glen Porter was the Invincibles captain. He was nicknamed “Offside Porter” because his anticipation was so accurate and his speed around the scrum so great that opponents insisted he must have been off side. Good referees could see he was not. Well, not always. The Invincibles won all thirty-two games in Britain, France and Canada. Mny of the 28 men in that “Second All Blacks” team are regarded s rugby legends now, a hundred years later : Cliff Porter as their leader. George Nepia said he was “the best captain I ever know” and he knew a few. Cliff Porter played forty-one games for the All Blacks. The phrase that crops up time and time again in reports of Porter’s play, is his “uncanny anticipation” - referring to his ability to predict how moves were going to develop, and to place himself in exactly the right place to take advantage. He was a superb player and one of the very great All Black captains.

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Publication Date: 09-06-2022

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