Checklist of the Mosses of Banks Peninsula

ISBN: 9780478093025

Author: B Macmillan    Publisher: Manaaki Whenua Press

This is the first checklist published on the mosses of Banks Peninsula, and pulls together previous research by many other botanists. It is a useful guide for the moss flora of most of the eastern South Island area, but also has applicability to mosses in New Zealand generally.

It records 234 moss species — nearly half the moss flora of New Zealand — known to be growing on the Banks Peninsula, and includes those which have been noted in the early literature from the Peninsula area.

Discussion of physical features, climate, and vegetation of the Peninsula is provided. Herbarium voucher numbers are given, and reference is made to the earliest published record for each species. A comprehensive bibliography and an index of family and Latin names are included.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 80

Publication Date: 10-02-2014

Availability Date: 10-02-2014

Tags: New Zealand   Science & Nature

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