Alcohol : A Dangerous Love Affair

ISBN: 9780473503215

Authors: George A F Seber, D Graeme Woodfield    Publisher: Wild Side Publishing

An in-depth study of the effects of alcohol on users, the community, the nation of New Zealand, and globally Written for anyone interested in alcohol, as even moderate drinkers are at health risk. The data available is enormous, but we are left with the impression that our political peers have conveniently ignored this elephant in the room. This compendium of verified data on alcohol examines nearly every aspect of its involvement in our lives, our community, our country, and globally. Alcohol is highly addictive and can destroy a person’s life. The nature of the addiction is described, and how it affects the brain. Some tips for low risk drinking are given as well as strategies for controlling alcohol consumption.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 229 x 153 x 13 mm

Publication Date: 02-04-2020

Availability Date: 03-04-2020

Tags: March 2020   Health & Wellbeing   New Zealand

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