A Future Untold

ISBN: 9780473587468

Author: Alina Siegfried   

An inspiring rallying cry for humanity to solve our biggest problems by returning to the most basic driver of human behaviour and culture – story. In A Future Untold, the author offers an entertaining, inspiring, and at times deeply vulnerable glimpse into how we can solve social and environmental challenges by addressing the stories and narratives that underpin our lives. Drawing on her experience in award-winning spoken word, environmental advocacy, political communications, and her role helping to build a 500+ strong global entrepreneurial leadership community, Alina Siegfried (AKA NZ Poetry Slam champion Ali Jacs) translates the fundamentals of narrative change into authentic stories, entertaining anecdotes, a handful of powerful poems with corresponding QR code video links, and ten new myths for humanity. The book provides a call to action for everyday citizens who believe that we can build a better future, urging them to re-author the harmful stories and cultural narratives that lie beneath “the way things are”.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 260

Dimensions: 140 x 216 mm

Publication Date: 20-12-2021

Availability Date: 10-01-2022

Tags: New Release   January/February 2022   Health & Wellbeing

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