New Zealand Coastal Marine Invertebrates Volume.1

ISBN: 9781877257605

Author: Steve de C. Cook (ed)    Publisher: Canterbury University Press

The first of 2 volumes of a full-colour identification guide to 1500 species of marine invertebrate found around the coasts of New Zealand, this book is intended for divers and naturalists as well as professional scientists. Sections on each major taxonomic group - e.g. starfishes, crustaceans and molluscs - describe in plain language each animal's morphology, habitat, abundance, distribution, depth range and commercial importance, and introduce and scientific literature. More than 2500 illustrations include colour photos by New Zealand's best underwater photographers, and hundreds of line drawings for extra anatomical detail. Also included are references, a compehensive glossary, a full index and a general introduction. Quite the largest and most comprehensive zoological book ever published in New Aealand, it provides access to a tremendous volume of material hitherto buried in the scientific literature.

Pages: 632

Dimensions: 216 x 286 mm

Publication Date: 01-11-2009

Tags: New Zealand   Science & Nature   Reference

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