Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Whittling In The Wild

ISBN: 9781497100718

Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing

Whittle in a way you never have before! Whittling in the Wild features more than 30 fun and exciting objects to make using a simple pocket knife, wood and a handful of household items. Learn all the basic techniques and safety precautions, then follow step-by-step instructions to whittle and carve a boat, parachute and so much more. With high-quality photography and expert tips throughout, each project also has its own smartphone QR code for access to video extras!

Bind: paperback

Pages: 160

Dimensions: 178 x 228 mm

Publication Date: 09-06-2020

Availability Date: 31-08-2020

Tags: May / June 2020   Craft & Hobbies   Sport & Recreation

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