Uncle John Watson Resident Magistrate

ISBN: 9780473501013

Author: Colin Amodeo    Publisher: The Caxton Press

Colonial Akaroa was surprisingly cosmopolitan with enclaves of speakers of Maori, English, French and German. Migration and ship-jumping further added to the cultural mix. Shipping kept Akaroa and other Banks Peninsula settlements in contact with the rest of New Zealand, supporting its trade and commerce. Despite all this worldliness, it was an isolated place. Almost an island, Akaroa evolved as a little world unto itself. John Watson has always appeared as a man for his time and place but exactly who that man was, up until now, had only been lightly outlined. Colin Amodeo presents a much fuller portrait. In these pages, we see not only a clearer picture of John Watson but also of colonial Akaroa.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 224

Dimensions: 210 x 297 mm

Publication Date: 22-11-2019

Availability Date: 29-11-2019

Tags: November 2019   History   Biography   New Zealand

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