Trump's America : The Complete Loser's Guide

ISBN: 9781944068165

Author: Scott Dikkers    Publisher: Independent Publishers Group

This book is important, and not just because it's about Donald Trump. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to discover the official Trump Brand Origin Story, to learn his positions on vital issues like the military—“Are These the Biggest Missiles We Have?", science— “If Einstein Was So Smart, Why Wasn't He Rich?" and good government—“ Of the Good People, By the Good People, and For the Good People”. Through hilarious stories, photo mashups, official documents, and future newspaper clippings, readers will experience life under the leadership of President Trump. This is the road map every citizen needs to thrive and survive in a "Trumpocalypse."Remember, it will be Trump’s America, but you have to live in it.

Pages: 166

Dimensions: 217 x 217 mm

Publication Date: 18-04-2016

Availability Date: 20-06-2016

Tags: April 2016   Business   Biography   Humour & Gift

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