The Rhetoric and the Reality

ISBN: 9780992247638

Author: David Hood    Publisher: Fraser Books

The aim of The Rhetoric and The Reality is to provoke public debate about our current system of secondary schooling in New Zealand. It takes readers down the path of history to explain why our system is what it is; it exposes the inadequacies and absurdities of a model of schooling designed 100 years ago for a world that no longer exists, and the many past and present challenges to that model's appropriateness in today's complex and very different world. The book urges readers to think differently about the purposes and nature of schooling if it is to adequately prepare all of our young people for the challenges they will face in their futures. It presents examples of new models emerging around the world that show there are different ways of thinking and different ways of doing things, and argues that what is needed is transformation rather than a continuing tinkering with a model that is increasingly recognised as obsolete.

Pages: 184

Tags: Education   New Zealand

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