The Other Side Of Better

ISBN: 9781912095025

Author: Michelle Elvy    Publisher: AdHoc Fiction

A hybrid collection of small fictions that crisscrosses the line between truth and fiction, prose and poetry, past and future. In the other side of better, there is the scent of the sea, the rift and grit of childhood. Sometimes sharp and focused, sometimes dreamlike and expansive, this work captivates on every page. Called a 'masterclass in the short form', this collection by one of our time's best practitioners of the small story is both instructional and engaging. Here, with Michelle Elvy’s the other side of better, are wise reflections cast through refracted light. Here is the scent of the sea, the rift and grit of childhood. Here is an absorbing cinematic poetry in the telling – breathtakingly honest and elegant stories (personal, yet universal) about how we live, how we struggle and, most enduringly, how we thrive. A wondrous collection! ~ Robert Scotellaro Well-turned stories, rich with wit and detail, that explore the spaces between people and places, from the ‘concrete weight’ of history to the secrets of creeks, islands and oceans. ~ Paula Morris A collection that surprises not just because it can, but because it understands the surprises of the world. ~ Erik Kennedy Michelle Elvy uses the economy of the form to keep her powder dry. Often, the full implication – sometimes enormity – of the story is only realised after the reading is over. ~ James Norcliffe Michelle Elvy’s new collection is released in June in conjunction with the 2021 National Flash Fiction Day events, with a launch party in Dunedin followed by readings in Auckland and Christchurch.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 172

Dimensions: 133 x 203 mm

Publication Date: 18-06-2021

Availability Date: 18-06-2021

Tags: June 2021   Fiction & Literature

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