Space Kids

ISBN: 9783899557954

Author: Steve Parker    Publisher: Gestalten

Space Kids: An Introduction for Young Explorers is designed to inspire awe at the great big universe around us. Covering topics such as stars, planets, moons, alongside the basics of gravity and even how astronauts are able to eat and sleep in space; each page takes us through the complexities of the universe with a fresh and original style. This is a space book that not only teaches young explorers about what is out there but also serves as reminder about just how special we are here on planet Earth. We begin with the enormity of the big bang. And travel from the big and inconceivable - slowly but surely getting smaller and smaller - until we reach the most spectacular thing in the universe: the tiny human who is holding Space Kids. Andrea De Santis’ beautifully rendered illustrations spark curiosities and imaginations whilst Steve Parker’s simple text creates a sense of wonder and fuels an appreciation for what it means to be a part of the universe’s complex system; truly a must-have introduction for any budding young explorer.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 40

Dimensions: 240 x 280 mm

Publication Date: 20-03-2018

Availability Date: 30-06-2018

Tags: April 2018   Childrens (All)

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