Slipping The Moorings

ISBN: 9780473311940

Author: Richard Randerson    Publisher: Matai House

Richard Randerson's life and ministry have spanned a period of profound change in New Zealand and the wider world. During this time the Church has sometimes led, but often lagged, on a bewildering array of issues: marriage of divorcees, ordination of women, anti-nuclear and anti-apartheid protests, same-sex relationships, abortion, poverty, inequality in economics and justice, treaty settlements, church constitutional change, prayer book rewriting, contemporary theology, inter-faith relations, genetic modification, civil marriage, same gender marriage and the priestly vocations of gays and lesbians. Richard has been in the thick of many of these defining battles down through the decades. His memoir is not just the story of one man's work in Church and Society through decades of turbulent change. It is a font of wisdom and practical advice for those seeking God's help today on society's even greater challenges.

Pages: 243

Publication Date: 01-05-2015

Availability Date: 29-05-2015

Tags: June 2015   Biography   Religion & Faith

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