Scott Guy : His Parents' Story of Love, Betrayal, Murder and Courage

ISBN: 9780473248499

Author: Tony Farrington    Publisher: Antares Publishing

Everyone has demons. Few people admit to them, let alone conquer them. Because one person succumbed to his, a handsome young farmer, Scott Guy, was cut down in the prime of life in the driveway of his Feilding home on July 8, 2010. The tragedy held New Zealand spell bound - particularly the arrest and murder trial of Scott’s brother-in-law, Ewen MacDonald; the exposure of intimate details of the Guy family’s lives; and the dignity with which its patriarch, Bryan, conducted himself throughout.
Scott Guy is Bryan and Jo Guy’s story. It reveals much more than came out at the murder trial; it gives a uniquely intimate view of how the murder affected them, their family and friends. It discloses previously unknown details of what went on behind the scenes. It reveals how the Guys overcame their own personal demons, how they mined inner strength to cope with the stress, grief, fear and the heartbreak of not only the violent death of a cherished son, but of a series of personal catastrophes which followed.
They share their unique story in the hope of helping others struggling with the vagaries of life. This, they believe, may give meaning to the apparent senselessness of all that has happened within their family.


SCOTT GUY: His Parents' Story of Love, Betrayal, Murder and Courage, reaches number 1 in the Nielsen Weekly Bestsellers List* and selling out fast.

Readers comments include: ''WOW, WOW, and bloody WOW. What a read, given and shared by truly incredible people'' - Brian Walker.

''I've finished reading "Scott Guy" and am pretty blown away by it. I would recommend any of your customers grab a copy with both hands. Their choice to not focus on bitterness, their courage and how they work hard everyday to deal with multiple losses is an inspiration. Amazing!'' - Lynette Lander.

''A Heartfelt book'' - Sunday Herald.

''Tony Farrington reveals another side of the story...details never revealed before'' - Weekend Herald.

*(NZ Non-Fiction for Adults week ending 26th Oct)

Bind: paperback

Pages: 200

Publication Date: 14-10-2013

Availability Date: 18-10-2013

Tags: September 2013   2013 Xmas List   Biography   New Zealand

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