Outdoor Gallery New York

ISBN: 9781584235538

Author: Yoav Litvin    Publisher: Gingko Press

Outdoor Gallery – New York City documents the vibrancy of the diverse contemporary street art environment of New York City. The book predominantly collects the work of New York based artists, running the gamut from old school graffiti writers such as COPE2, to contemporary street artists such as HELLBENT, EKG, ASVP, CERN and GAIA. Their work is showcased alongside that of some international fellow travellers including NICK WALKER, THE YOK, SHERYO and KRAM. The book features hundreds of pieces of art by 46 different artists. The well-photographed works are accompanied by the artists musings on New York, street art and their own work and processes. This work is non-permanent and necessarily current and relevant. In Outdoor Gallery New York resident and author Yoav Litvin successfully documents the zeitgeist.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 240

Dimensions: 242 x 292 mm

Publication Date: 15-04-2014

Availability Date: 21-07-2014

Tags: July 2014   Arts & Photography

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