ISBN: 9781849534871

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

Short for 'Oh my God!', used to express surprise at events ranging from nuclear blasts to lost socks

Whether you’re one of the Twitterati or someone who thinks of tweeting as something birds do, you’ve probably heard people saying ‘OMG!’ to each other (after all, we’re too darned busy for ‘Oh my God’ nowadays). This little book will introduce you to an unrivalled selection of amazing facts, along with playful #hashtag commentaries – dive in and you’ll be OMG-ing before you know it! #wellinever!

Bind: hardback

Pages: 96

Dimensions: 101 x 136 mm

Publication Date: 01-07-2013

Availability Date: 30-08-2013

Tags: July 2013   2013 Xmas List   Humour & Gift

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