New Town Houses

ISBN: 9788416500451

Author: Eva Minguet    Publisher: Monsa

This book is a compilation of some of the more interesting town houses which have been recently constructed. We use recent examples for analyze the difficulty of integrating new residential volumes. If we had to highlight one characteristic from the projects presented here, it would be their ability to make the most out of their space in such crea­tive ways. Within the basic typology of flat between parallel walls, a world of possibilities open: spaces full of light, endless staircases, curtain walls, facades which spread completely out to the street or contrarily enclose into mysterious gardens and interior patios.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 220 x 150 mm

Publication Date: 20-03-2017

Availability Date: 31-05-2017

Tags: March 2017   Architecture & Design

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