Movies of the 80s

ISBN: 9783836587310

Author: Jurgen Muller    Publisher: Taschen

Movies from the decade of excess, enormity, and experimentalism From Aliens to Amadeus, get your fill of ’80s nostalgia with this movie bible of all things bold, bizarre, and boisterous. We've diligently compiled a list of the most influential films of the 1980s that's sure to please popcorn gobblers and highbrow chin-strokers alike. Adventurous, excessive, and experimental, ’80s cinema saw moviegoers get their kicks from pictures as wide-ranging as Blade Runner, Gandhi, and Blue Velvet. Science fiction, horror, and action emerged as the defining genres of the decade, with non-human characters like E.T. winning the hearts of millions, and movies such as Ghostbusters and Back to the Future fused comedy and sci-fi to the delight of audiences everywhere. Inside this ’80s encyclopedia each movie masterpiece is profiled with stills, a synopsis, and cast, crew, and technical listings. With high-concept Hollywood blockbusters, early CGI, and brilliant special effects, the 1980s saw the invention of a new reality, a movie-world so convincingly real—no matter now far-fetched—that spectators could not help but immerse themselves in it.

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Publication Date: 15-08-2021

Availability Date: 30-11-2021

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