ISBN: 9783832732608

Author: Andreas von Maltzan    Publisher: TeNeues

Heliographs, or light drawings, was the term French inventor of photography Nicéphore Niépce used for his photographic images. “Light drawings” is also a fitting description of Andreas von Maltzan’s work. The areas of light and shadow that convey a suggestion of the object being photographed may remind the viewer of Niépce’s View from the Window at Le Gras, the earliest known photograph taken in 1826/1827. Andreas von Maltzan photographs real places, like Venice or the Maldives, but it is never about the places as such, but rather the trails of light that they leave on the digital camera’s chip, the exuberant colors and movements. In his spontaneous images, usually taken at night, reality crumbles into pixels and is reborn as abstract works of art. This volume provides the first survey of von Maltzan’s work. • An eye-opening discovery: powerful photographs with an hypnotic effect • A refreshing new perspective on supposedly familiar subjects

Bind: hardback

Pages: 192

Dimensions: 290 x 370 mm

Publication Date: 03-07-2015

Availability Date: 30-09-2015

Tags: July 2015   Arts & Photography

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