Know Your Donkeys & Mules

ISBN: 9781912158560

Author: Jack Byard    Publisher: Old Pond

Did you know that the Bourbonnais Donkey drinks 4 gallons of water a day? Discover interesting facts about 24 breeds, including their appearance, history and breeding, and uses in agriculture and tourism. From the critically endangered Abyssinian, to the speedy Onager who can run at 40 MPH over a 15-mile stretch, this fascinating guide will turn both young and old into a donkey and mule enthusiast. Donkeys really aren't stubborn; they just have a strong instinct for self-preservation! Adults and kids alike will enjoy learning about the many characteristics of these gentle and docile animals.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 80

Dimensions: 178 x 127 mm

Publication Date: 09-04-2020

Availability Date: 30-06-2020

Tags: April 2020   Agriculture

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