Healing Hotels of the World

ISBN: 9783832796334

Publisher: TeNeues

This unique cross-cultural account brings to life the momentum of the strongest movements in modern times: holistic health and well-being. With our hectic schedules, there's a growing sense that vacations and travel can be a respite - a chance to reconnect both mentally and physically. This guide showcases lodgings on all five continents that invite guests to learn how to take on the responsibility to lead a healthy life - be it through spa treatments, health-enhancing cuisine, fitness and relaxation, health consultations, or lifestyle coaching. Located in inspiring settings ranging from lush mountains to serene tropical beaches, these exceptional accommodations are ideal options for those who wish to set a more balanced direction for their lives.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 272

Dimensions: 23.4 x 28.9 mm

Publication Date: 01-01-2013

Availability Date: 29-03-2013

Tags: January / February 2013   Health & Wellbeing   Travel

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