French Akaroa (2018)

ISBN: 9781877257971

Author: Peter Tremewan    Publisher: Canterbury University Press

Updated reprint While the British were sending settlers to the North Island in 1840, the French were sending them to the South Island. This book looks at the elaborate French government-backed plans to settle and annex 'Southern New Zealand' - and at what the French did when they found the British had got there first. The lives of the French (and German) men, women and children who ended up creating little settlements in Akaroa Harbour is a major focus of this fascinating book, which also explains some of the French heritage that attracts so many tourists to the Banks Peninsula town of Akaroa today. The first edition of Peter Tremewan’s ‘French Akaroa’ was published in 1990, and the second edition was extensively updated and enlarged for publication in 2010. ‘French Akaroa’ has now been reprinted with minor corrections, new information having come to hand.

Pages: 396

Dimensions: 170 x 240 mm

Publication Date: 18-05-2018

Availability Date: 21-05-2018

Tags: May 2018   New Zealand   History

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