Boots 'n' All

ISBN: 9780473281021

Author: Tony Walsh    Publisher: Tony And Noreen Walsh

Boots 'n' All is a compelling read that continues in the footsteps of the popular first book by author Tony Walsh, The Black Singlet Brigade.
From the valleys of Te Urewera to the hinterlands of the South Island, and across to the red, dusty lands of Australia, these stories weave through a landscape of adventure and amusement, populated by larger-than-life characters. These were men and women who lived whole-heartedly their back-country existence and were ready to jump into ;life at any moment, boots and all.
Within the chapters of this book - from the hilarious "I'm Shot" to the poignant "Epitaph to a Friend" - a tale unfolds; a record of one man's hunting adventures and encounters with some real but unusual people in the remoter parts of New Zealand.

Bind: paperback

Publication Date: 20-05-2014

Availability Date: 20-05-2014

Tags: June 2014   New Zealand

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