Venus In The Cloister

ISBN: 9781843911920

Author: Abbe Du Prat    Publisher: Hesperus Press

"Oh God! Sister Angelique, do not come into my room; I am not decent right now. Do you think anyone should be caught in my state? I really did think I had closed the door"

Sister Agnes was only thirteen when she entered the convent. I this repressive environment, she has spent her time secluded and naive. However, Sister Angelique, at nineteen years of age, is more worldly and proceeds to educate Sister Agnes... So follows a seduction and exploration of female sexual desire.
Written in 1683 as a series of dialogues (known as whore dialogues) between the two nuns, Venus in the Cloister shows erotic fiction was popular long before the days of EL James and could be just as titillating. In fact it was considered so shocking as the time in its portrayal of sexual voyeurism and notion of female intimacy, it was responsible for the first trial for obscenity in the United Kingdom.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 112

Publication Date: 09-11-2012

Availability Date: 11-12-2012

Tags: October 2012   Classics   Fiction & Literature

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