767 Handmade Illustrations

ISBN: 9788416851270

Author: Joan Escandell    Publisher: Promo Press

Handmade Illustrations features an outstanding showcase of nearly 800 highly graphic pen and ink illustrations of the talented visual artist Joan Escandell. Contemporary yet with a nostalgic retro flavour, this title draws on classic styles from various eras, evoking the particular mood and atmosphere of the old with an intriguing modern twist. This book offers a long-needed new perspective to the world of graphic design and illustration by showing a superb collection of timeless illustrations organized in 10 different thematic: animals, accessories, plants & flowers, furniture, world & people, sports, objects & curious, transportation, food and war. For all those wanting to master the techniques of movement design.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 174

Dimensions: 220 x 210 mm

Publication Date: 17-11-2017

Availability Date: 31-01-2018

Tags: January / February 2018   Arts & Photography

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