52 Things to Log on the Bog

ISBN: 9781849539272

Author: Hugh Jassburn    Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

Toilet time is reflection time. Time to look deep within your soul and ask those penetrating questions: Who am I? What am I really doing here? And what are my top three pizza toppings? Well now Hugh Jassburn gives you the chance to capture all your inner thoughts in one neat book, for you to fill in from the comfort of your own bog. Who are your heroes? What are your favourite movies? What countries would you like to live in? And the best thing about this book? No one will disturb you...unless you're one of those 'leave the door open' types.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 112

Dimensions: 146 x 146 mm

Publication Date: 13-10-2016

Availability Date: 30-11-2016

Tags: September 2016   Humour & Gift

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