The Yield

ISBN: 9780947522483

Author: Sue Wootton    Publisher: Otago University Press

The Yield is the vivid and lyrical new collection from award-winning poet Sue Wootton. These poems are sensorially alive, deeply attentive to language, the body, and the world around us.Down in the bone the word-strands glimmer and ascendoften disordered, often in dreams,bone-knowledge beating a path through the body to the throatlabouring to enter the alphabet.- 'Lingua Incognita'Wootton addresses subjects as various as the fraught relationship between medical institutions and individual suffering, the disintegration of the polar icecaps, the energising power of solitudeand the rewarding demands of creativity and love.This is a collection about give and take, loss and gain; about sowing, tending and reaping.Sue Wootton brings her characteristic linguistic dexterity, exuberance and versatility to every page. The Yield is rich harvest.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 84

Dimensions: 160 x 235 mm

Availability Date: 01-03-2017

Tags: Fiction & Literature   New Zealand   Poetry

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