The Piano Girls

ISBN: 9780995132986

Author: Elizabeth Smither    Publisher: Quentin Wilson Publishing

Three musical sisters honour their mother with a piano recital every year in her memory. They compete with one another, practising in secret to see who can be the best. In other stories, music, food, and restaurants are themes. A woman fends off a seducer by cooking up a storm; there is a cat called Min; an elderly woman is the pet of a group of young men; an agonising breakup takes place in a luxury hotel; and a young woman is obsessed with her breasts. These are funny, tender, sharply observed stories written in a style that is engaging, humorous, but always compassionate.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 248

Dimensions: 153 x 234 mm

Publication Date: 30-06-2021

Availability Date: 02-07-2021

Tags: May 2021   Christmas 2021   Fiction & Literature   New Zealand

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