Taking My Mother to the Opera

ISBN: 9781927322154

Author: Diane Brown    Publisher: Otago University Press

Piquant, frank, open, wistful, tender, funny … this personal memoir by Diane Brown is deftly ‘marbled’ throughout with social history. From carefully chosen anecdotes it slowly unfolds a vivid and compelling sense of character and the psychological dynamics within the family. My favourite photo of Mum, snapped at the beach, her sensible wedding day suit ditched for saggy togs. Here she is, laughing at Dad, as if nothing had ever hurt her. Many readers will recognise the New Zealand so vividly portrayed here, as Brown marshals deeply personal events and childhood memories in a delightfully astute, understated poetic form.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 144

Dimensions: 150 x 230 mm

Publication Date: 20-10-2015

Availability Date: 21-10-2015

Tag: Fiction & Literature

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