Archaeology of the Solomon Islands

ISBN: 9780947522537

Author: Richard Walter & Peter Sheppard    Publisher: Otago University Press

This synthesis of Solomon Island archaeology draws together all the research that has taken place in the field over the past 50 years. It takes a multidisciplinary theoretical and methodological approach and considers the work of archaeologists, environmental scientists, anthropologists and historians. At the same time this volume highlights the results of the authors’ own considerable field research. This fascinating and very readable book is written for an archaeological audience but is also designed to be accessible to all readers interested in Pacific archaeology, anthropology and history. Featuring more than a hundred maps and figures, Archaeology of the Solomon Islands represents a ground-breaking contribution to Pacific archaeology.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 200

Dimensions: 210 x 280 x 20 mm

Publication Date: 21-08-2017

Availability Date: 21-08-2017

Tags: Education   History   Reference   Science & Nature   Travel

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