Richard Pearse : Early New Zealand Pioneer Aviator

ISBN: 9780473096861

Author: C. G. Rodliffe    Publisher: C.G. Rodliffe

The first edition of "Richard Pearse" was published to coincide with the IATA conference held in Auckland in 1978. This centennary issue is the fourth edition, reprinted for the centennial of power driven flight, 2003. We do not know what inspired Richare Pearse to try to emulate the birds. From what little we do know of him, Richard Pearse would most probably have wished to remain unknown. Indeed, if he dreamed of aircraft of the future he could never have imagined where his beginnings and the work of other inspired pioneering aviators would lead.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 32

Dimensions: 300 x 214 mm

Tags: New Zealand   History   Transport

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