Urban Playgrounds

ISBN: 9783967040418

Author: Benevento Publishing    Publisher: Gestalten

Envision the city as an infinite playground. Created in collaboration with Red Bull, Urban Playgrounds explores some of the world's most thrilling places for urban sports. From Venice, Barcelona, and Los Angeles, to Brasilia, Istanbul, Cairo, Lagos, or Jarkarta, this book reveals an exhilarating marriage between space and sports in global cities. Born from a need to challenge boundaries and reclaim the right to the city, from a desire for self-expression and entertainment, urban sports reimagine the city as a playground. Be it freestyling on a skateboard, riding a BMX, or stretching the human body in parkour, urban athletes demonstrate the possibilities.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 256

Dimensions: 300 x 270 mm

Publication Date: 28-07-2022

Availability Date: 01-11-2022

Tags: August 2022   Arts & Photography   Sport & Recreation

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