Unseasoned Campaigner

ISBN: 9781990048104

Author: Janet Newman    Publisher: Otago University Press

Until you send them on their way to be killed, they grant the grace of their company, draw you in with flared nostrils that pause over the bones of their dead. - – from ‘Drenching’ Unseasoned Campaigner is a layered collection exploring the complexities of farming life in Horowhenua. Poet Janet Newman uncovers territory ripe for exploration as she juxtaposes the often troubled aspects of commercial farming – the life and death of animals –with loving family relationships. The collection begins with the poet’s contemporary farming life, interspersed with memories of growing up on the same dairy farm. Newman then goes on to provides a portrait of her late father, the seasoned campaigner – a farmer working on the land, his war-induced anxiety, his hardness yet tenderness, and his widowhood. The final section, ‘Ruahine’, presents a take on being on the land now as the torch is passed to the next generation. Newman’s lyric poems are plainly and beautifully put together, with her delicate and surprising attention to form and language marking her as an exciting new voice in Aotearoa.

Bind: paperback

Pages: 106

Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm

Publication Date: 30-07-2021

Availability Date: 19-08-2021

Tag: New Zealand

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