Pocket Money and Other Stories

ISBN: 9780473619336

Author: Vivienne Lingard   

A delightful collection of short stories from New Zealand writer Vivienne Lingard that are irreverent, surprising and touching. An academic and his wife are on holiday in Rome. He has a secret to reveal, but as he has yet to discover, so does his wife. A retired New Zealand businessman, lost in the middle of New Delhi, is dealing with crippling anxiety. A jilted bride takes her honeymoon alone and finds peace through meeting a giant owl. Every story takes the reader on a journey as these richly painted characters solve mysteries, betray friends, battle bullies, all the while finding resilience and purpose in their lives. Spanning countries, cultures and characters, this delightful collection of stories is irreverent, surprising, and touching.

Bind: paperback

Publication Date: 01-06-2022

Availability Date: 02-06-2022

Tags: New Release   April / May 2022   Fiction & Literature   New Zealand

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