P Is For Puffin

ISBN: 9780764362477

Author: Timothy Young    Publisher: Schiffer Books

Did you know that there are unusual animals for every letter in the alphabet? For instance, C is for the capybara, who is the world's largest rodent, and P is for the pangolin, who, believe it or not, is a mammal that is covered in scales instead of fur! Learn this and much more in this alphabet book featuring nonfiction facts about some of the most unique and different animals. Timothy Young's signature style and familiar characters appeal to his youngest audience ever and introduce readers to lesser-known species in the animal world. A pronunciation guide and size comparison are included with each unique species. 100% of author royalties will be donated to Wildlife Conservation Network to protect the endangered species that inspired this book! Wildlife Conservation Network protects endangered wildlife by supporting conservationists around the world to help animals and people coexist and thrive.

Bind: hardback

Pages: 26

Dimensions: 191 x 191 mm

Publication Date: 29-10-2021

Availability Date: 31-01-2022

Tags: Coming Soon   October 2021   Childrens (All)

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